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Art of Experience is the name I once gave a sensation so tiny it was scarcely even there. Receiving it openheartedly all-the-same it grew, little by little, and subsequently I came to see and understand it as a journey, using the medium of artworks to navigate existence's multifaceted momentums and manifestations artworks functioning as channels to an open, ongoing communication with my soul.

Today Art of Experience comprises a whole lot of things, including paintings, photography, digital art, woodwork, written narratives and more. The core and foundation of Art of E as an idea and a practice remains, however, the same: a journey, navigating existence like a light that bids me follow.

Welcome To The Journey. Welcome Home.

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Welcome to the Journey   Welcome Home

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Beamdrops from Heaven
- A True Love Story

Music : Sufjan Stevens' For the Widows in Paradise 
- New Life Colors

Music: Bruce Dickinson's The Magician
e    x    p    e    r    i    e    n    c    e

'Watefie' - a voyage of life

a joint creation  by  

Dick  Bourgault  (music) and  Art of E (images)

Dick Bourgault
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ShoreScale in Mist

Art of Experience

by Elisabeth Lindberg

Art of Experience
by Elisabeth Lindberg

a journey in soul, space and time
by KingsKreation

Art of Experience
by Elisabeth Lindberg

Hey You's! Welcome to

T h e  I s l a n d  o f  M a n s t a r i a
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Hey there!

Welcome to explore The Island of Manstaria: ¬ Experience Continued! If you haven't been visiting Main Land (Art of Experience) I better give you some clues as to where this exploring expedition can take you. Basically, it's an experimental journey navigating existence here and beyond. It's about seeing and investigating things from novel perspectives, where experience, existence and identitythose commonly perceived "hard tools" for the understanding of the human beingare grasped as loose categories, constantly intertwined with non-identity markers, shaping each other in an "I-in-becoming" process; the I reversing itself for new angles of coming into being. The theme of death is one major topic, but here death does not equal the long term, but the position where new "I-in-becomings" can take place. Art of Experience as an idea and a practice is thus about using the medium of artworks as a door opening for the soul, with change as the everlasting eternal. On the pages we (de)contextualize, (dis)connect and associate artworks in a visual exploring narrative; death, life and the mystic forces that sourrounds us. The page "More about Art of Experience" gives a fuller picture of the whole thing. All in all, the common denominator here, as far as the experiment considers, is that everything has been created in a curiosity to see what will be(come) - as one aspect of a work in progress.
           In case you're already familiar with the concept Art of Experience (as it's done here) I should not dwell on the subject any further. And, if you haven't seen the first site, why don't you check it out here?! I will, however, say this before I leave you to it: On this site we have linked music to the pages, both to boost the page character (that is, the music here functions as a medium that adds an element to the perception of the theme), and as a way to explicate the significance of music in the creation process. And, a final thing, while the Main Land site was already finished when launched on the net, in the sense that all artworks presented where there from the start, this one is not; The Island of Manstaria is a construction zone in progress, it'll be constantly built up with new themes, presented in their own shifting framings, lay-outs, colours, thoughts, music, interconnections, etc. The idea is that the new artwork theme will come alive on the net one by one, as soon as they've been "born", in an ever-changing journey kinda. So why don't you come back here every now and again and check out the latest from Art of E!
To begin the voyage just chose any of the cities/villages on the map above, or start here, and be on your merry way! 

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My Domain

'Watefie' - Resurrection of Life
A Visual/Musical Voyage of Life
- created by
Dick Bourgault  and Art of E

Way To Go
A tribute to Bruce Dickinson's No Way Out...Continued

Fall Came In Haste That Year

A Creepy Story
by Art of Experience Publisher Inc.

Art of E is proud to present:
Fall Came In Haste That Year
- A Creepy  Story -

Welcome to take part of a ghastly, wondrous story, a story born out of dreams painted by different mindsets and thought-scapes coming together as one through the voice of an unknown narrator, The Story Teller. You'll be entering a world of unspeakable horrors and miraculous wonders, the fragmented dream-world of our Story Teller, as she gradually, and to the best of her ability, recalls what went down back then, that gruesome fall when God Himself seemed to look the other way. This is a project in process, if you want to comment or share your thoughts on this story please contact Art of E on: the.website@hotmail.com

Art of E and Friends

Book Cover, Foreword and Table of Content 

Prologue Intro: Mayhem Begins
Chptr 1: Haunted Chptr 2: Water
Chptr 3: Laundry Day Chptr 4: Fake of Nature
Chptr 5: At the Train Station Chptr 6: Despair and Faith
Chptr 7: Dream House Chptr 8: From the Borders
Chptr 9: Confused Connection Chptr 10: A Fatal Encounter
Chptr 11: Gem Stones Chptr 12: Meeting with Evil; I
Chptr 12b: Meeting with Evil; II Chptr 13: Meeting Myself
Chptr 14: From Within;I Brooding Chptr 15: From W;II Secret
Chptr 16: From W;III For real Chptr 17: From W;IV Tricksely
Chptr 18: Houses of Horror Chptr 19: Dead Wrong;I Vexed
Chptr 20: Dead W;II Wonder Light Chptr 21: Wistful Wind Whining
Chptr 22: Shadows of Dark and Light Chptr 23: New Life Entering
Chptr 24: Awestruck Chptr 25: Magnets of Misery
Chptr 26: Spaciousness Chptr 27: Come Again
   Epilogue:     True Colors  

Fall came in haste that year. Whenever I close my eyes I can feel it again, it comes flashing through my body and soul like a Demon reaching out in perpetual despondency from a world beneath Hell; the feeling of being slowly but inescapably cornered off from life, feeling as had the sky itself converted the air into a compact mass of impenetrable pallid suffocation. It all happened so fast, and so totally without any warning. And so it struck hard, gruesomely hard. It was high summer. People were strolling by carefree and easily, wearing light summer clothes, laughing, talking, pacing slowly; it seemed they just followed whatever whim came dancing through their minds, went with it as easily and carefree as the dancing whim itself. There simply wasn't any foretelling what awaited, what abated just around the corner. But already the following day it hit; a dire tempests horrendous beyond imagination came upon us. It ripped the leaves off the trees like wanted it to strip them of every fragile hope they tried to hold on to in a coat of leaves turned autumn-coloured without anyone noticing, or realizing it was this time of year already. It was as had a vicious storm been brooding just beneath the summer surface, lurking un-sensed, unseen, portentously on the other side of the membrane. And now it was upon us, a tempest rising in rage and despair, as if, I thought, it wanted to reveal a long hidden fury, breaking free by ruthlessly tearing apart and strip naked the unsuspecting and unprepared trees standing in its way. 
          The sky loomed low overhead, and the world turned cold as if touched by the hand of Death. Anyone forced to go outside walked with fast, goal-oriented steps, leaning forward against the wind trying to get wherever they were heading as swiftly as possible. But if someone had dared to pause in this fuming storm, even for just a brief second, and if that someone then had, perhaps by accident, looked around, he would've noticed a glow in the air, a spectre in crimson, gold and warm amber whirling chaotically in the wind. A luminous glow in bright sunbathed colours. That glow came from the leaves, who had encapsulated the warmth and beauty of sunbeams previously caressing their surfaces, and now, as they whirled away to meet their death, they let that warm light shine on through in a breathtaking intensity.
          Yes, fall came in haste that year, over night it changed everything. And it brought with it another kind of fall: a soul nightfall. It hit me as hastily and unsuspectingly as the wind hit the naive trees standing outside my window. When I look back at it now, in the rear-view mirror of life, it feels like it all happened aeons ago and yet it is so close in my mind, as were it still ongoing in the very centre of my brain. It's like everything about what happened back then is enclosed in a parallel universe, taking place in this fleeting moment and in times of yore, simultaneously. You see, I recognize the pattern - it arises an ancient echo deep within me, a fearsome sound-wave resounding throughout everything that I am. If I try to tell you about it, as truthfully, systematically and in as many details as I can recall, will you understand me? Will you understand what happened that unblessed, ghastly fall, when God Himself seemed to look the other way?
May the Divine Light

shine on you
ever brighter

as the days grow shorter.
Y   o   u       C   a   n.       D   o       I   t.
ART OF E Slideshow nr 1
Music: Bruce Dickinson's Acoustic Song

Now available on AmazonBarnes&Noble, Paradoxal Press, iUniverse and many other online bookstores:
The Eye of God A novel by Jonathan Bourgault
"In a futuristic world dominated by terrorism and religious zeal, one young man must confront the awful truth of his existence"

“The Eye of God sees all.” For young Brian Bishop, this statement dominates every conscious thought. Brian eagerly awaits the day when he will join the Church elite and destroy the few remaining Apostates who refuse to bear the Eye. It is a destiny that seems certain until his family suddenly informs him of their plans to leave his beloved Earth. Onboard the colony transport ferrying him to the stars, Brian uncovers a devastating family secret that violently shatters his childhood conceptions. With only his best friend Kim for support, Brian must adapt to life on a world named Elysium, a planet with a secret of its own that threatens the very foundations of human existence.

Art of Experience
is proud to have
contributed with
the book cover image
for this highly interesting and thought provoking science fiction novel,
where existential questions are portrayed and experienced in a different space and time setting.

Amazon.com, September 8, 2007: "This is an awesome sci-fi book. Everyone should read it."
Barnes and Noble.com, August 18, 2007: "The most creative plot I have ever read and an ending that makes you want more."
B&N, June 29, 2007: "A riveting, thought provoking science fiction thriller.  One of those "can't put it down" books. The story grips you and takes you through unexpected twists and turns, culminating in an ending that is shocking and provocative"


Art of Experience


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