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The Mysterious Village of Mount Trosslan   Chapter 1) Shy Light    Chapter 2) Dance of Change   Chapter 3) Life at Evermore

The Mysterious Village of
Mount Trosslan

Part I: Shy Light
Once upon a time...
... there was an adorable, groovy little village that went through a very strange transformation. Now, it didn't change the groovieness of the village's heart and spirit, nor did it change the groovy hearts and spirits of its endearing inhabitants - and yet ...
... yet it was the most remarkable thing ever because it changed the light, and so it changed the whole world. At least, that's what they concluded, the wonderful, precious inhabitants of The Mysterious Village of Mount Trosslan.
But please don't let their opinion color your view of what happened here - they would all be most disappointed if you did!
Happy you would make them if, instead, you came up with a new idea. Not that they would necessarily change their own dainty, cute little minds in the least after having listened to your idea, but just because they love new angles!

So now, following their tiny wishes, I will do my very best to tell their Big Event, as objectively as I possibly can. And when I've finished, all the endearing little Trossles and I hope and wish your heart will talk to you, and tell you what this was really all about!
It all took place in the Year of the Dancing Dragons. The village and all its so very delightful and loveable inhabitants lived their lives in very much the same way as they'd always done. It was a fairly good and joyful life, and most of them felt pleased and content for the most part.

Yet there was something ... something that didn't feel quite right, they couldn't put their little fingers on it but ...

... it was as if ... if a shadow hung over their village. As if, somewhere, up there in the sky, a misty cloud, or perhaps an unseen shadow, laid between the Mount Trosslers and their light source ...
... making the light that did enter the world of the wonderful, adorable little Trosslers ever and ever pale.

The cloud, or shadow, didn't make their world a dark place, no, not like that, light reached through to them and they all highly appreciated the dim lightbeams, giving a beautiful variety of colors to their world.


Among the Mount Trosslers flourished the very popular idea that their light was this pale due to it being a bit shy, a little bit nervous about showing itself, its true powers and colors, so it had veiled itself behind a misty shade. Yes, this idea sounded valid and most elucidating to the Mount Trosslers. They nodded their awesome little heads whenever they thought about these matters.

Still it sometimes happened the dim light made them feel like something creepy crawled down their cute little spines and it awoke a somewhat uneasy feeling deep inside. This could especially crop up during the hours when darkness fell upon the little village, and the dim, pale light became even dimmer and paler and made everything look different in a curious way.

In this light even their own reflections turned into unknown creations - some spooky, some funny, some weird and some ...

... some of what met their pretty eyes was really scary, but you know, even the scariest of them wasn't all that frightful because their shy light also brought a dazzling kind of peaceful boon into the Mount Trossles adorable minds.


 When the dark shapes and shadowy creatures of the eerie night-light appeared, it was as if the beings and sceneries beheld themselves and thought of their scaryness as not so scary, simply because having entered a Trossles precious tiny gaze.

So mostly the Trossles thought of this whole thing as an interesting topic to discuss. Or, it wasn't so much the topic as such, it never was with them. No, what really drew their small attentions to it was the ideas that came forth in the meeting of their collected views. All kinds of ideas dared show their puny faces in the midst of such a meeting.
Not that the Trossles would ever admit to this, because that would've taken away the very foundation for their immense interest in twisting and turning, discussing and debating each and every thing that took place (or didn't take place) in their groovy village. So please, please, let's pretend you don't know this if one day you're truly blessed and meet a Trossle along the path life takes you!
Anyway, the shy light that shone its veiled beams, a bit nervously, over the Mount Trosslers came from a space plant far, far away. The general understanding was that this amazing and wounderous - but shy - space plant was nurtured by a million star fairies.
Some claimed the star fairies were more like a million and a half in numbers, but be that as it may, they all agreed these stairies (as they liked to call them) were the busiest beings ever. Oh yes, the Trossles nodded their dainty heads in contemplative wonder, you could tell for sure by the stairies constant twinkling, glittering and gleaming. Just think about it - motions visible from that far away had to be like really busy!
Greatful they were of the stairies, very, very much so because the Mount Trosslers loved their celestial space plant - no matter how shy it was herself.
But, deep, deep within they secretly wished it could always be like those special times, when their space plant almost seemed to have forgotten how shy it was and let her wounderous, mystic beams cascading all over their little village - like a silvery rain it was in the dark, and a soft deep-golden shower at the break of dawn.


(The Mount Trosslers never said anything about their secret wish
from deep within though, they were afraid it might hurt their space
plant's feelings and they sure didn't want that to ever happen.)


Each and every beamdrop - pale or a-little-less-pale - brought with it its own vision of the world (and the beholders little selves), mirroring back every shade of the enigma in the Mount Trosslers hearts and spirits. And the Mount Trosslers absolutely loved looking at themselves, loved exploring all the various reflections that could emmanate from one single Trossla. Now that was truly amazing!




One thing the Trossles couldn't quite make sense out of was that the light that came from their beloved - but shy - space plant, had a funny way of changing appearance and colors in a cyclical manner within a time space of approximately 5 naps, turning slowly from silvery white to a slightly brighter yellow nuance. And some times it could turn orange, some times pink and other colors, but then only for a very short moment.

Oh, strange it was ... peculiar really ... but not, they'd agreed, not in an unpleasant way.
And then, not often at all, but still, every once in a while, there were the times when a beamdrop whirling down before a Trossla was ... bad ... :-(
Strangely enough this always coincided with their space plant having been extra shy for some time, and a stroke of non-happy thoughts had decided to pass through a Trossles dear, precious, loveable heart, making her feel ill at ease to begin with.



Yes, bad the beamdrop was, very bad, she could tell since the reflection looking back at her from it drew her breath out, leaving her image unfamiliar in an ungracious way. As she knew she was in fact a truly endearing, pretty and exquicit Trossla, she didn't like that at all ... :-(


(Just look at this! It's a bad beamdrop, bad I tell you!)

Ah well, this didn't happen that often, so they didn't think much about it. For the most part the beamdrops that came swirling down were amiable, some of which even gave the dainty Trossles a good laughter when mirroring themselves in it! Yes, that was a boon to behold, to be sure! But even so there were those times, not often at all, my friend, but still, when the Trossles  just sort of found themselves secretly wishing their space plant would shine its light an itsy-bitsy tiny bit brighter ...

This so not Earthly story of the wonders and miracles that happened in
The Mysterious Village of Mount Trosslan continues in
Pt II: Dance of Change!


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