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The Mysterious Village of
Mount Trosslan


Part III: Life at Evermore
The Door to Evermore!


At first, their new selves were a bit drawn in and out of propotion, some felt a little blurry and unsharp in their adorable contoures...


... but soon they settled and then, then they felt they had never looked prettier!

No, coming to think of it, it wasn't even possible to get any prettier than this! And they owed it all to their beloved space plant - her new warm bright light tenderly caressing the world, making each and every tiny and HUGE thing so wonderful to behold! 
Like, the sky - it now seemed so open and ... carefree, almost, with light clouds coming forth all happy and playful. It was so easy to breath beneath this sky. And wildflowers and bushes and trees and everything absolutely flourished in this light. The Mount Trosslers laughed in delight as they looked around!

Some bushes had long undulate branches dressed with a thick layer of flowers. It looked like they came teeming down from above, and there - behind the streams of flowers - were all sorts of everchanging spaces to discover. Some of them were just made for moments of peaceful contemplation, others were perfect to create little labs in; places where you could extract all kinds of interesting things.
And some again invited the Trossles to come in and play with them! = )
And the trees, I have to say something about them because they say something I believe is profound for the understanding of the Trossles' nature. Some of them (no, not the Trossles, the trees, you silly!), especially near the cost of Better Believe, are high and proud and sort of airy looking. These trees could make a Trossle wanna go fishing.
Are you surprised? Well then, I can assure you there's no need! As is known near and far, the wild waters around the cost of Better Believe contains the most beautifully colored fish there ever was ... And besides, I'm not talking about fishing with the intent to eat our splashingly color-happy friends!
No, when the Mount Trosslers goes fishing in those waters they all bring their small landing nets which they lower into the water, waits until one magically colored friend swims into it, then they lift it til it's just beneath the surface. There she looks as the fish proudly wiggles back and forth - proud to show a little Trossle its amazing colors gleaming, glinting, and glittering from all its scales, accompanied by the sun dazzling on the water.
All Trossles know that if she lifts her little landing net above the surface her splashingly proud friend within it can't breath and all its happy colors turnes grey from the sadness of not understanding why this is happening ... :-(
So naturally they never ever do that! :-)
 But let's return to the woods, so to speak. Because honestly, the precious, groovy Trossles and their so cute and cuddly fellows in the village love forests, glens and glades of all sizes. Oh yes, sometimes I've actually wondered if maybe they like forests a tiny bit better than they do those magically vast and enticingly open spaces, big enough to allow even the four winds to play and roam freely with one another.
But, curiously, since the light changed I haven't given this another thought, perhaps due to the light they themselves now radiate - rays beaming with the purets of delights, no matter where they are!
Where was I? ... Oh yes! I was about to tell you about the times when a Mount Trossle had laid herself down on a lawn a soothing afternoon, looking up into the beautious sky with her cute gaze all focused on their new-spirited space plant. At such times she could notice that if one squint ones eyes when looking at it through a kaleidoscope while moving ones head up and down, it unveils its secret inner motions. And, it looks very, very soft to touch.
Since they love new reflections, new angles, new perspectives on everyting so very much every Trossle has her own magic kaleidoscop. Yes, magic it is, because not only can you watch the world alter mysteriously through them, you can also put in a pic you really like, shake it while thinking of something happy, and then, when you decant your kaleidoscope, the pic has changed! It is indeed a truly magical instrument!

This is really fun on so many levels, one of which is that sometimes, when the pic comes out, it looks like something you want to try on - like, a beautiful pearl necklace =)

And then everyone eagerly want to see how it fit on you!
Every now and again the old, more damp light return to the village - curiosly this occur only, and always, when the Trossles have longed for it for a while, secretly and in a melancholic kind of way, you know, just to get a touch from what once was; wanting to see a small glimpse of the old light's good sights ...







... well, sometimes they also want the more scary, spooky sensations ...

... and back it comes ... only now, for some reason, it's like it's fearsome in a funny kind of way, if you know what I mean!
(You see, what had once made them feel a bit uneasy was gone. Now, I believe the new light had magically brushed away the Ghost of Gruesome Worries from their dainty little minds. Well, you have to remind me to ask them what they are thinking about this! A question like that will make them so happy; they'll suck thoughtfully on their little pacifiers for a while and then, in very serious although so heartwarmingly cute voices, they'll tell me all about their perspective on this vital matter.)


A curious thing is that whenever a glimpse of this light from the old, bygone days comes back it stays with them for exactly as long as feels good for them. In it they play all the games from before - oh, it brings back so many memories! I can hear them laughing happily in recognition and see them run about exploring their old world within the light of the new.




There are just so many fun and wonderous places to re-visit, and every now and again they discover there are even more of them than they'd seen or been aware of existed before: They find new cozy cages, enchanted lakes, hidden forests, magic glades, all kinds of things, and, they discover ever more reflections of their precious little selves. To own the truth, I believe this makes them the most happy, I mean, it is, after all, Trossles we're talking about here!


And, of course, all the astonishing, fabulous, wonderous, enchanted creatures, things, and apparitions that surrounds them, reflects them, and, naturally, loves each and every one of them tremendously!









And above it all: Their precious Space Plant (who, btw, very much reminds me of someone ... hmm ... who is it ... she seems so familiar, oh I know I've seen her before ... wait, I got it! Oh yes, of course! Silly me, how could I not see this straight-away?! It is, quite naturally, the ancient Tross her/him-self! = )
... with all the twinkingly busy, glittering, glimmering Staries, always there by its side taking the best possible care of it - in brightness and in cozy dark!



Yes my friend, miracle above miracles - their beloved Space Plant, at long last shining its True Colors; wholly alive and rapturously radiant its veridical light shine on through! And now ...

... and forever and Ever-more, it will lovingly caress the tiny Trossle's adorable little bodies with boon-ful beams of tender warmth, beauty and bliss, and ...
... always, always find a way into their groovy, amazing, precious hearts and souls, making them feel all good and comfy about their wonderful selves!
Loving them beyond everything ...

... until the end of time.


So tell us, now that you've heard all about this so not Earthly story,
the wonders and strange things happening in The Mysterious Village
of Mount Trosslan - what do you think came out and about there?!


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