T h e  I s l a n d  o f  M a n s t a r i a
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"Watefie" - A Fantasy in Reality
¬ with music written and performed
specially for this path in the Art of Experience voyage
of life
Resurrection (show me home) by Dick Bourgault
   Endlessly grateful for that gift!

Part I:              
The Rainbow Is Setting


We Live


An Endless Fantasy



a quest

through colored reflections

of death


and life




Part II:         
The Water Is Moving










let the dark rain fall


make life



show me





  come to me  
through fire    through water








Part III:






from millions of tears


r i s e



to millions

of years




it's given to Ya




c e l e b r a t e
















   this endless destiny  ∞

Takemeback   Let's move on




The song 'Resurrection' ,
which accompanies you on this page,
is written and performed by Dick Bourgault.

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Forest Edge Arts



to possibilities...

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The Eye of God
"In a futuristic world dominated by terrorism and religious zeal, one young man must confront the awful truth of his existence"

“The Eye of God sees all.” For young Brian Bishop, this statement dominates every conscious thought. Brian eagerly awaits the day when he will join the Church elite and destroy the few remaining Apostates who refuse to bear the Eye. It is a destiny that seems certain until his family suddenly informs him of their plans to leave his beloved Earth. Onboard the colony transport ferrying him to the stars, Brian uncovers a devastating family secret that violently shatters his childhood conceptions. With only his best friend Kim for support, Brian must adapt to life on a world named Elysium, a planet with a secret of its own that threatens the very foundations of human existence.

Art of Experience
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The Eye of God
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