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Chapter 24




Midsummer. Have you thought about the grand calmness nature radiates this time of the year? It's like a great serenity is glowing in the very air, like is everything coming about in its own innermost rhythm, don't you think? It gives me the feeling nature itself is sensing the times of hardship is over; life's rough resurrection from hibernation, spring's arduous coming-into-being, they're over, and now, now nature can just thrive in its own calm splendour and bountiful beauty.
          I lay myself down in the shadow of an oak tree to watch the powerful stillness and high lofty aliveness in all of nature neighbouring me. Sensing a profound calm easing into my spirit, gazing around absentmindedly, I get the feeling my physical eyes are just tools for the eye of the soul to, how shall I put it?, letting the beingness within watch its own creation? A curious feeling at any rate.
          My mind starts wandering off. I find myself thinking that new falls will come, new winters will embed the world in dormant white, new springs will life-arise again, and new summers holding this immense force of vital tranquillity will re-enter the world. Yes, it will all happen again, the seasonal cycle will go on and on. Parallel though I have this unaccountable feeling nothing will ever truly be quite the same. Not for me. It's like, on a surface level, the wheels of life and death entwinement will keep on rolling as The Great Creator is breathing in and out, manifesting itself in an infinite number of different guises, all bedecking this worlds' realm for a while before they vanish again, only to come back in yet another shape and shade, just as it has always been. But at the same time … mmm … I can't put my finger on it, but the sensation I feel fluttering inside of me takes the shape of an image were two dainty, precious, absolutely gorgeous Trossles are swimming about in a marvellous billowing seascape. A seascape bright and luminous in
colours, and soft and muffled in sounds. They're swimming along, side by side, exploring the exuberant wonder of their world, blissfully happy and content with all and everything around and about in this shimmering, glimmering, enchantingly beautiful, preciously wonderful seascape.
          They're exactly alike, the two Trossles, the only thing differing between them is the colour of their hair; where the one has foot-long, thick, curly sun-blond hair, the other one has foot-long, thick, curly velvety-black hair. They never look at each other as they swim about. I know it's because they have no need – they know the other one is always there by her side, seeing the same magically spectacular scenery as herself, sharing the prolific realm, and so they swim along beholding their world, together, so happily, so self-evidently and oh so joyfully, as have they no knowledge of the word "fear". Their eyes, o their wonderful, wonderful eyes, they are like infinite wells beaming, radiating the purest Love and happiness there ever was. A Love and happiness so forcefully intense and yet so yieldingly gentle and purely kind man is yet to see it. Oh, I wish you could see them – they're immensely groovy and warm to behold! No words in the whole of Universe can even begin to describe them! Simply watching them make every single atom in my heart rejoice with the innate trueness of their magnificence.
          The world they're beholding seems to be a myriad of reflections of their own inner absolute beauty, as are they beholding it all from a sacred place, at the innermost core of themselves, somehow. I notice as I watch them they're seeing everything but never focus on anything in particular. No, they simply perceive it all without making distinctions, happily, merrily and utterly content with it all and, hence, with what they are themselves. They just move about in all this splendour, effortlessly, like two mermaids in an enchanted underwater universe. My o my what a miraculous wonder they are!
          Dear God, this has to be the most glorious vision ever! My heart sings in pristine joy as I watch them. "How I want to be one of them!" I hear myself whisper, only to think back to myself: "What a peculiar thing to want – I already am, I am one of them." Yes, I can sense that's true, but at the same time it's like I'm not really ... Like there's something laying in-between myself and my Trossle-soul. The in-between-thing isn't there when I watch them, but as soon as the vision fades and I'm back with myself again, the veil is also back,
again. I can't imagine anything even remotely more desirable than to fully enter the world of my soul. To be her, to be with her, to swim ever so comfy side by side with my Trossle-twin, to see the world through her beaming eyes – that's Paradise.
          Wow, I'm awestruck! This wonderful world and these wonderful Trossles with their wonderful eyes and wonderful smiles. For a fleeting moment there I could catch a glimpse of the world as seen through their eyes; a world so translucent and still so shimmering conspicuous, so remarkably soft and strong in colours at the same time, so harmoniously crystal clear and yet subdued in tones, so illumine. Almost as if what I'm seeing takes place in another dimension, a parallel universe where everything is the same and yet not the same at all. Yes, my friend, it’s like beholding existence from a perspective not previously known to exist, from the other side of the membrane, a parallel yet inseparable dimension of what-is.


This vision. I felt it like a promise within, giving rise to an ancient echo at the very core of my heart and soul. Do I dare believe in it, do I dare believe in me?   


(S)HE came to me, the tiniest, shiniest and most wonderful of all wonderful Trossles – (s)he came to ME! Can you believe it? Can you believe my lucky chance? (S)he entered my life as softly as a butterfly landing on the palm of my hand. On the surface a barely noticeably sensation, but inside her presence spread like tender, trembling current-circles all throughout. Through her my breath inhaled the scent of undivided love priming all of the air. I can feel her as a vivid, peaceful happiness singing in my heart. Funny when you think of it, all I ever wanted is here now. But I'm not. I'm not here.
          I only hope, hope beyond all shadows of all doubts having ever tainted my sight, that the long-lasting grizzly fall tempest came upon me for a reason, and that its reign is now about to meet with its own end. Yes my friend, I now hope for unspeakable wonder; I hope that it broke my house down into a million pieces so that I could be built anew, in accordance with Trosslan's Song; In Harmony With The Great Song of Existence. Yes sister, I hope for a miracle.
          And I want to believe that the fall tempest, however unwilling in its mind yet desiring nothing higher in its heart, will find what it
does not know it was always searching for: the perfect stillness at the eye of its centre. Yes dear friend, I so do want to believe it all happened for a reason; a fury unleashed to change it all, save the One that cannot change, the One through which all changes can come about.

 ♫   ♫   ♪   ♫   ♪   ♫   ♫   ♪   ♫   ♫   ♪   ♫   ♫   ♪   ♫   ♫   ♪

Me and Tross, we are together,
soaring high in the blue sky!
Me and Tross, we are together,
floating deep in the blue sea!


 ♫   ♪   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♪   ♫   ♫   ♪   ♫   ♫   ♪   ♫   ♫   ♪


Author: Sunny Stream

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