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The Mysterious Village of
Mount Trosslan


Part II: Dance of Change
And so one day  ...
- an average day hadn't it been for this amazing event - the world as the Trossles knew it changed for ever.
It was as if the whole village had been tossed down a whirling, winding, twisting, spinning everchanging loop. Well, kind of, but something sure had happened during the tiny hours all the awesome Trossles and their fellow inhabitants in the groovy little village were visiting Dreamland.


Uh oh, what could this be?
What had happened?
A huge debate unfolded. Each and every little creature discussed the sensation, and depending upon the direction from which they visioned it (quite naturally the smaller creatures looked at it from below, the semi-small from a middle kind of view, and the least-small ones saw it downwards), they had different opinions as to how, why and what, had transpired.

 But everone had an opinion, and that was what really mattered because, as you know, the Mount Trosslers discussed everything, yes, every little thing, in deep detail. They liked that so very much. With all the different point of views inhabiting the village there was  always something new to discover in every mind, pebble and wind.
 And now, with this HUGE event taken place in their groovie village, they talked and talked and talked and every now and then they nodded their adorable heads as a sign, not necessarily meaning they agreed with the other ones statement, but to make sure
(s)he's been heard and understood properly.

 What they all saw was this: Their beloved space plant now shone with a radiance beyond anything they'd ever seen; it was bright, intense, warm in a caring and gentle and cuddling kind of way. The Mount Trosslers felt like its beams not only tenderly caressed their groovy little bodies, it was as if the beams kept on going straight into their wonderous hearts and wonderful spirits. One of the Trossles said she was pretty sure the beams that met her heart and soul were truly special. Yes, so special in fact she couldn't imagine there could possibly exist more beams of the kind, and she had a VERY imaginative mind (like the rest of them).


When she'd said this a silence never heard before fell over the village. They all gazed at one another with big astonished eyes. And then, then they all whispered the same thing in chorus: "But ... I felt that too ...". Oh, my oh my, this was more than their adorable precious little heads could process; How was this possible?
What on Manstaria had happened?

After a long and truly interesting discussion were everybody's ideas, thoughts, feelings and may-be's had been duly ventilated - a discussion that went on for at least three whole in-between-naps (yes, you're right, the longest discussion ever on one single topic!) ...


... this is what they concluded (well, the most popular version anyway, that is, the song they loved to sing and contemplate a tranquile afternoon when the warmth made everything slow and relaxing, or, a wonderfully rainy evening, crawled up safely in a big armchair right next to the fireplace):
During their sleep the whole village, along with all its endearing inhabitants, had in fact been swirling down in a spectacular tunnel. It was pretty much like a dance were you spin round and round rather fast, but in a fun kind of way.



There, in this marvelous tunnel, they had all been moulded and twirled and mirrored and everything, in a spiral dance were everyone participated on her own terms. Oh, this sounded so merry they all wished they'd been awake when it went on!


And, because this diddly dance seemed so funny and amusing, their space plant had decided to join in. She had thrown herself right into the midst of it all, dancing happily along with all the mysterious little fellows she had seen for years and years but always from such a vast and foggy distance. And now! - now they were all there together, dancing side by side this diddly happy dance of change.





They called this amazing tunnel
The Dancing Tunnel of Love!


Then, precisely at that moment when everybody was so exhausted from dancing they just had to rest for a while, at that exact moment - the nap-moment - their village went through a mysterious gate. Down they went, down into the final stage of transition.
Here they followed the setting rainbow.

Now, this was a rather gruesome event, they'd figured, so grateful they were for having taken a nap at this specific moment, tired as they were from dancing their merrily happy dance of change in the wonderful Tunnel of Love when it began. Yes, what was about to happen was truly scary, and frightful. They all shivered when for a tiny second their precious little minds touched upon the thought, visioning in their wonderful mind's eyes how ...

... the setting rainbow melted ...

... and their groovy little village fell into it and ...

... dissolved in its lava-like streams.

No, no, no, this was too dreadful a pic to stay with. Better to think about the fact that they were all so exhausted when this happened not only were they sleeping (as you know they slept during the entire journey of their village transition), but now they were also sleeping within the sleep! Oh this was such a relief to them all to know! Because, in addition, when the rainbow poured down into The Unknown their space plant cried :-( ...

... She cried as she watched this wonderful village with all its wonderous little creatures go down with it, and so heavy tears of blood fell out of the sky.

But soon, very, very, very soon, this part was over ...
... and something new, hopeful and gleaming dripped out underneath the vessles with gold that're always there at the feet of the rainbow. (Because, as you also know, the rainbow always rise again and then it expects the vessels to be there and ready!)

And here, in this gleaming, glistering new hope the final walk (or dance really) of change began. And it was exciting, and loving, and joyful, and tender. In fact, it was very much a reflection of the Heavenly Body that embraced the village and all its endearing inhabitants when they came pouring down. Imagine that!

Being embraced this way, at this moment, by this wonderfully Loving Heavenly Body felt so tremendously good and blissful and comfy all the little Mount Trosslers spontaneously joined hands and began to sing and dance a slow, careful yet very vivacious song and dance!

(This is the song they sang:
♪♪När mörkret♫sig sänker♫ och Trosslor blir små♪♪ då taaar man fram ♪den stora♫♪ ♪peenseeeln!♫!♪
Which pretty much means: When darkness descends and Trossles get small, then you bring fooorth the biiig bruuuush!)

When their space plant heard and saw this she wiped the tears away and once again she joined in with the remarkable little Trossles, singing and dancing along with them in outmost delight!

 Whenever the Mount Trossles mused on this later on they smiled in such a warm, loving way all the world around them felt an unexplainable but undeniable stroke of huge happiness coming over them.
At the end of this eventual song and dance, a force of Love descended. It reached out its arms and when it did, it closed down the old and opened up something new, something pristine ...


... and the Mount Trosslers woke up ...
... they woke up to a world were everything were the same and yet, yet so peculiarly different. As if ... as if all colors had turned brighter, more shimmering and intense somehow ... even their own reflections now seemed more happy and, yes, colorful!

They felt like had the very air changed, like had it let go of its old shrouded self and now, in a cuddly mint condition, it rejoyced in everything about its unveiled existence!
You see, the village, with all its cute, enchanting, delightful, fascinating, dainty, precious, captivating, endearing, loveable, enthralling, groovy little inhabitants had ascended through a secret door ...

This so not Earthly story of the wonders and miracles that happened in
The Mysterious Village of Mount Trosslan continues in
Pt III: Life at Evermore!


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