... this is what happened, I pinky swear ... =>
I was running a bit late, heading for my office ....


... when out of nowhere a UFO came flying by. Before I knew what happened, me and another guy were beamed up ...


... and away we went in the alien's space ship, mhm, faster than the speed of light we went to their home planet.

You know, I think they injected us with some kind of a serum that randomly effects the memory because I can't seem to recall the name of the planet, I think it began with a C though ....


Anyway, they had a problem with this really shy crab, the second he got out of his nest he crawled back in again.

For some reason the aliens thought we could help them figuring out how to deal with this situation.


They had us read a lot of books on the subject, we pretended as were we truly interested and reflected carefully on the issue,

but, honestly, it was like REALLY boring ... 

A pic of us reading "Societal and psychological impacts on crab


I think the books were some kind of brain washers because all of a sudden I found myself picturing the oddest things in my mind, like ... you won't believe this but ... dancing giraffs! How weird is that?!
I mean, there had to be some kind of mind-games going on here, there's just no other reasonable explanation as to why I should get images like that in my brain, right?


I got a bit scared so I tried my very best to steer my mind back on the subject at hand; the overly shy crab.
And then, I got it!

The crab needed to feel it was loved and cared for,
so, they should pick him up and cuddle with him for about half an hour a day, and, according to my calculations, approximately a week later he would be completely cured.


The UFO guys thought this was absolutely brilliant, they nearly burst from pure impressiveness.


Then they took us back to Earth and dropped us off at the corner of Main and Serpent Street. As you know this is a good fifty minutes walk from where you live, and by now it was way past eight o'clock, so that's why I didn't show for our date last night. But ....

I got you this beautiful postcard! *v*
So, we're good? Right?!
Kidding!!! I DO have something for you ...

Spooky pic, huh? You like?!

What do you mean "What did I do last night?"???

I've already told you!!!

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