Came In Haste

A Creepy Story

A Monographic Anthology
written by Art of E and friends

Art of Experience Publisher Inc.






Welcome to take part of a ghastly, wondrous story born out of dreams. Dreams of horrendous horrors calling upon you in the dead of night. Dreams of bliss and jubilant joy shining a light in your darkest hour. Dreams and visions painted by a mind drowsing off on paths undefined. Dreams of despair, desolation and, hope, yes hope a new dawn will arise, even when hope itself has long since been abandoned.

In reading the tale you'll be entering the fragmented dream-world of an unknown Story Teller as she gradually, and to the best of her ability, recalls what went down back then, that gloomy, unblessed fall, so many years ago now. Perhaps she can be seen to make a confession of sort, hoping that by giving voice and words to a perpetual whirlwind of thoughts and emotions she'll free her mind from being their haunted servant, seeking relief? And because of that she wants to be as accurate about everything as she possibly can. She chooses to make this confession to a perfect stranger (you), assuming she will never see you again.

The story is based on actual dreams and visions. It's a real-life journey built on different mindsets and thought-scapes joined together within the frame of one unifying narrative, were that which unifies is the disjointed bits and pieces of the dreams themselves. The Story Teller takes you back in space and time, but as she does, she tells about what happened back then as were it still ongoing. Because it is; visions of before comes flashing back in sudden, overpowering and overwhelming light and dark, mirroring the present, foreboding what might just be on the threshold of tomorrow, and tell tales of archaic despair and yearnings, solace, and true Love.

The story is an ongoing project, perhaps it'll never be finished, not in an ordinary sense in any case (how could it?). If you want to comment or share your thoughts please contact Art of E on:  the.website@hotmail.com
          So, having said this, why don't you ... enjoy the trip!

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Art of Experience



Table of Content



Prologue and Prelude: Mayhem Begins
page I
Chapter One
page II
Chapter Two
page III
Chapter Three
Laundry Day
page IV
Chapter Four
Fake of Nature
page IV
Chapter Five
At the Train station
page V
Chapter Six
Despair and Faith
page VI
Chapter Seven
Dream House
page VII
Chapter Eight
From the Borders; The Light
page VIII
Chapter Nine
Confused Connection
page IX
Chapter Ten
A Fatal Encounter
page X
Chapter Eleven
Gem Stones
page XI
Chapter Twelve
Meeting with Evil: pt I
Meeting with Evil: pt II

page XII
Chapter Thirteen
Meeting Myself
page XIII
Chapter Fourteen
From Within: pt I Brooding
page XIV
Chapter Fifteen
From Within: pt II Secret
page XV
Chapter Sixteen
From Within: pt III For Real
page XVI
Chapter Seventeen
From Within: pt IV Tricksely
page XVII
Chapter Eighteen
Houses of Horror
page XVIII
Chapter Nineteen
Dead Wrong: pt I Vexed
page XIX
Chapter Twenty
Dead Wrong: pt II Wonder Light
page XX
Chapter Twenty One
Wistful Wind Whining
page XXI
Chapter Twenty Two
Shadows of Dark and Light
page XXII
Chapter Twenty Three
New Life Entering
page XXIII
Chapter Twenty Four
page XXIV
Chapter Twenty Five
Magnets of Misery
page XXV
Chapter Twenty Six
page XXVI
Chapter Twenty Seven
Come Again
page XXVII
Epilogue: True Colors
page XXVII




May the Divine Light shine on you
ever brighter as the days grow shorter.
And may that Light
ignite your soul,
kindle a sparkling glow
arising in ravishing brilliance
radiating bedazzling reflections, alike upon friend  and foe.

A Tross, A Tross
for all of us!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Copyright: The Author and Art of Experience.

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