Well then, I've made this shortcut page just for you -
here are the links where you'll find them all!
Still Long Ago I have something for you!!!
Curious Curiousity Conversion
Somehow Time Travel Halflife
LET IT rain Remember Cyberweb
Warning Heart Take me to a strange dream
Take me to space Inside a bird's nest! !

Don't forget now to take real good care of yourself!

Maybe you should take some time off and go watch a slideshow?

Or read a really, and I do mean reeeaaally,  scary creepy story?

Yeah, that's the way to go ... contemplate Watefie,

and walk the illuminating path of the heart - there, at the rainbows end,

you'll see the gates opening

to the Queendom of Astarnica


always remember - You Can. Do It.
It's Your Choice

Well, I for one just wanna take a trip to space...

T h e  I s l a n d  o f  M a n s t a r i a
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