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Chapter 3

Laundry Day



Today is laundry day. I really take pleasure in doing laundry, it's something rejuvenating about the whole process don’t you think? Like, you take things that were unthinkable as parts of your everyday encounters and make them into something you'll ware with joy and pride – all fresh, clean and, well, kinda newly-born. Yeah, I reckon that in doing laundry you take charge of a renewal process. I'm not scared of the basement in my new apartment building where the laundry room is located. I was of the one in the house I lived in before. You see, I had this notion back then that someday a man would murder me when I was down there doing laundry. I saw it in my mind's eye. He would stab me to death with a big kitchen knife, and then he would cut up my body in pieces and put them in the laundry basket down there. It was a rather large basket on wheels, a construction made out of threads of steel twinned together.
          Then, as my murderer pushed this basket through the basement corridor (to where I don't know), blood from all the pieces that was once my body, still warm, would pour down leaving a blood trail on the floor. He would walk slowly, and the squeezing sound from one of the laundry basket's wheels – somewhat enhanced due to the weight of the dismembered me – would accompany him whistling on a monotonous song.


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Chapter 4

Fake of Nature



The rain keeps falling, heavy drops of water all over the place. It's so cosy sitting here on the couch, listening to the rain, typing on my laptop and every now and again gazing at the fire in the fake heater across the room. I gotta hand it to them, the inventors and creators of fake heaters, they've done a great job there – it looks just like a real fire burning inside the fake glass door. I have placed a wood basket with real wood in front of the heater. And a fire dog – you know the kind they used in former days to pile up wood in the hearth – that fire dog, shaped like a devil with a fire fork in his hand, is standing next to it. I found it in a second hand store a long time ago and I just fell for it instantly for some reason. And now it has been restored to its natural habitat again, only it's a fake natural habitat. I've been thinking about adding a sound effect to the heater, you know, recording the sound of burning wood (I want to use an old-fashioned tape recorder to do that. Why? Maybe just because it should feel like giving all of this newly invented fake stuff a touch of something more traditional, or, I really don't know to be honest.)
          Anyway, that would be nice – don't you think? Sitting in the sofa, sensing the falling rain outside in the darkness, glancing at the fake fire burning, feeling the heat from it, a heat you can turn off and on, regulating for yourself how much warmth you want by pushing different buttons, while listening to the sound of a real fire crackle from a concealed old-fashioned tape recorder. I love this room. It's perfect. Everything about it is perfect.


Author: When Tomorrow Comes

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